The Conversation Party Game is a fun card game that will stimulate intelligent conversation and debate about money, sex, relationships, religion, and more. Perfect for game nights, dinner parties with friends and road trips. If you are brave, you can even slide it into a date night.


It all started with a trip to Paris and a dinner party with friends. There were no phones or gadgets in peoples hands. It was pure good old fashion conversation. Founders Dom and Cassidy wanted to bring that vibe back to the states. With the influence of social media and podcasts the idea came to life of mixing the desire for conversation with game night and dinner party fun.

Conversation Games LLC is the parent company of The Conversation Party Game Series. Our mission is to create fun and engaging games and events that encourage and stimulate interesting conversations between friends and strangers. Click here to learn more.


The Conversation Party Game Line

- Love + Relationships

- This is NOT a Game

More Coming Soon!

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